Saturday, October 6, 2012

Episode 4: Unexpected Victories

Nuzlocke: A Leaf Green Run

Erica: Nick, think of this as something positive, now at least we have a clear direction.
Nick: No, its not that I've wanted to do that since I was born, the challenge has always been there.
Erica: Did he really scare you that bad?
Erica: Been there done that.
Nick: Ewwww...But that's not the point? Who is he? Why me?

Nick asked these questions to himself as he walked around the town of Viridian.

Erica: Some questions we don't know the answer too, maybe he was just a nice dude.
Nick: Who was also fucking scary as hell.
Erica: Baby.

Nick's mood worsened as he found Erica was less phased. Soon he tried to leave town and go north, but on his way out, a old man with tattered clothing stopped him.

Nick: Um...good for you?
Erica: Whats coffee?
Old Man: Magic, now be quiet.

The elderly gentleman looked around suspiciously, and beckoned Nick to lean closer.

Nick: Yes. I do. What do I look like, a fool?
Old Man: More like a newb.
Erica: Nick, be careful...don't get angry.
Old Man: Here, I'll show you!

The Old Man set his sights on a Weedle that had all of a sudden appeared on the path next to him.

Erica: Pst...Nick?
Nick: Yep.
Erica: Aren't us Pokemon supposed to fight other Pokemon, not old men?
Nick: Yep.
Erica: Is he crazy?
Nick: Yep.

Suddenly after a stare down with the worm, the man hurled a pokeball with a surprising amount of force at the unsuspecting Weedle. The ball tipped a bit, but after a few seconds, it was caught!

Erica: Aren't you supposed to...
Nick: Yep.
 Nick: Not at all.
 Old Man: That's how its done. Here take this educational TV.
Nick: Where am I going to plug this in?
Old Man: Your mind! When I was a wee little boy we didn't have any of those electronic devices so we used to look at the sides of houses and use our imagination to watch the show. We were so happy...Hello?

As the Old Man looked up he realized that Nick and Erica had left, and were no longer in sight.
The Old Man didn't mind, because he was crazy.

 Erica: Are you sure we can just walk in and try this out?
Nick: Sure, we people don't mind a bit of company.

Nick barges in the door and the occupants of the house barely notice him.

Nick: Yep, we just have to plug it in and...bam. There we go. 

Nick flips through the channels, finding nothing but arceus bible channels and infomercials about the timer ball.

Nick: This shit blows. Hey dude, know anything about this junk.
Dude: Oh yea, I had one once, learned all about nicknames. You know,

Nick: I know, so whats your sparrows name?
Dude: I had it framed.

The unnamed dude points over Nick's shoulder as Nick turns slowly around to view the plaque on the wall.
Nick: Wow. So...creative.
Dude: Took me a week to think of that one.
Nick: Pure genius.
Erica: Imma say it again, Veridian City sucks. 
Nick: Lets go catch a Pokemon.
Nick and Erica promptly left the residence and went west onto route 22 to catch a new friend.

Erica: We should get this over with.
Nick: What's with the rush?
Erica: If your gonna replace me, do it quick, like a band-aid.
Nick: How do you know what a Band-Aid...Never mind, Erica come on your my best friend, I could never replace you, but if we want to make it to the top, theres gotta be more than just you and me on this team.
Erica: I guess...
Nick: Giovanni was right. Come on, lets go have an adventure.

 And before our hero's eyes Kene the fuckin Bean pops out of fuckin nowhere.

Kene: Hey! What you two nerds talking about!
Kene: I have an idea!
Nick: Bean no, this is not the time, I um, well we um, haven't really had much time to train...
Kene: Well then I'll beat you so hard you'll get shot right back to Pallet Town.
Nick: You don't understand, if you beat me...its all over.
Kene: All the more reason to....BATTLE!
 Nick: Erica, I'm so sorry, we didn't train at all...
Erica: What are you saying?
Nick: I haven't told you but...theres this thing with us...
Erica: Wha?
Nick: If you...lose, you die. And it's over. The dream, everything.
Erica: But I won't.

Erica stated this with certain finality, not fully understanding the consequences, as she leaped into battle, ready to fight against the two superior foes.

The Battle with Pidgey:
 Blows alternated back and forth off the two seemingly evenly matched foes. Erica surpassed the ability of her level, and finally physically surpassed her level as Pidgey went down with a screech.
Erica was hurt, but the potions paid off in her ability to recover during the matches.

Nick: Ok Erica, your now evenly matched level-wise with Squirtle, but he has the upper hand because of the type difference, and your tired out, so...just...
 Erica: But I have the advantage.
Nick: No, no not at all you don't understand...
Erica: No, you don't understand. He has a terrible trainer who neglects him and criticizes him for all his faults. I have a trainer who cares, and is my best friend. Now shut up, because I have a battle to win.

The Battle With Squirtle:
This battle was much like the first, except it seemed to be increased by a factor of 10. Every blow was deadly, and the pendulum of favor swung back and forth, as the two rivals fought each other, with their trainers staring at their own rivals across the battle. In the end Erica delivered the last crippling blow, that won her the battle, and increased her yet another level. 
She had done it. She had beaten 2 foes stronger than her, by herself.

Kene looked on in horror as his squirtle fell. He said nothing to Nick as he rushed away with his fallen pokemon.

Nicks eyes were gleaming with tears as the injured but victorious heroine climbed into  his arms and was taken to the Pokemon Center in a procession of victory put on by Nick, the hopeless doubtful one himself.